Tracked Activities: Workouts

total time
Date Workout Difficulty Duration Trip Note  
5 May 2013 The One That Got Away Workout 7 minutes Moderate Am sooo out of sinc at the moment. Needs loads more willpower as it goes. Details
8 Mar 2013 Core Abs & Stretches 12 mins 30 secs Intense that was okay as it goes. need a inspired burst this week. Details
11 Feb 2013 Beginner BlastOFF! 15 minutes Casual A lot out of practice but lots to build from Details
11 Dec 2012 Upper Body Pusher 12 minutes Intense A little tough tonight that was. Long day. Details
9 Dec 2012 Washboard Abs Blast 12 minutes Moderate Had 2 weeks off so that made me blow a bit. Good though Details
23 Nov 2012 MAX Tabata Test 11 minutes Intense Am intrigued how different I do it in a few weeks. Quite tough but liked it a lot as it goes. Details
23 Nov 2012 Art of Exercise Freebie L 11 mins 40 secs Intense Sweated lol those backbend camel poses were not nice. But a good workout. Details
22 Nov 2012 Art of Exercise Freebie K 10 minutes Intense Out of breath long day but good workout. Details
20 Nov 2012 Chest Crusher 7 mins 10 secs Intense Found that pretty good Details
20 Nov 2012 Cut and Chiseled 8 minutes Intense Enjoyed that as it goes Details
19 Nov 2012 Fat Burner Deluxe 20 minutes Intense Blimey felt that a bit. Long day at work and wasnt prepared for the lack of breath. (smiles) found that quite tough, knows its a long journey but am up for it. Details
18 Nov 2012 5 Min Arms & Abs 5 minutes Intense A bit tough but enjoyed it in the end. Details
18 Nov 2012 Art of Exercise Freebie J 9 mins 30 secs Intense A day earlier than planned, a little tougher than anticipated. Long road for me I reckon Details
17 Nov 2012 Art of Exercise Freebie I 9 mins 30 secs Intense Enjoyed that. used to exercise a lot but realises now this has been a long time coming. Details