Tracked Activities: Workouts

total time
Date Workout Difficulty Duration Trip Note  
18 Nov 2015 Run This Town 30 minutes Moderate That.hurt #beachrun Details
16 Nov 2015 Sexy Legs for Girls & Boys 30 minutes Casual Details
26 Oct 2015 Beat-the-Heat At Home 17 minutes Moderate Dolphin push-ups? What? I can't even do a push-up from my toes... Did push-ups from knees... Will work up to this Details
25 Oct 2015 Hurry Up and Wait 18 minutes Moderate Straight leg bicycle abs couldn't do them... Tried... Keep practicing. Details
23 Oct 2015 Running for Beginners 31 minutes Casual 2.5 km Details
21 Oct 2015 Smooth Move! 21 mins 45 secs Casual Details