Tracked Activities: Workouts

total time
Date Workout Difficulty Duration Trip Note  
29 Jul 2014 Medicine Ball Meetup 15 mins 15 secs Moderate Whooff how is I look bad? Details
24 Jul 2014 The Survivor 23 minutes Intense Details
23 Jul 2014 Rowing Your Boat 10 minutes Intense Everyone Gm. How r u? Please safe drive to work or college whoever smile then on way to work.... Details
22 Jul 2014 Shed & Sculpt 30 minutes Casual Everyone good morin sweet. ... tuesday not feel like go work and weekendy short.... Details
21 Jul 2014 Quick Heat 5 minutes Moderate Everyone gm and here rain yayaya cool no more hot damn and on way to work Details
20 Jul 2014 Shed & Sculpt 30 minutes Casual Work 12 hrs phew.... everyone goid nite peace one.... Details
18 Jul 2014 Springtime 20 (Arms&Abs) 20 minutes Intense Gm everyone sweet... I havent sweat gal damn. But wried hiking make me sweat lol... think abt but new shose football bad ass look.... Details
17 Jul 2014 Scientific 7-Minute Workout 7 mins 10 secs Intense Everyone good morin sweetie dont work hard and think foucs workout right smile.. on way to work Details
15 Jul 2014 6 Hard Holding Moves 8 minutes Intense Gm everyone.. on way to work suck but good thing cool weather come noon hell Hot... Details
12 Jul 2014 Tri, Tri Again! 10 mins 15 secs Intense Whooooooffffff.... with friends hiking 7 mile♡♥! Hell. Hot.. here... Details
11 Jul 2014 Brazilian Booty 16 minutes Moderate Very Hhhhhoooootttttyyyyy here Details
9 Jul 2014 Scientific 7-Minute Workout 7 mins 10 secs Intense Gm everyobe sweetpie... Details
8 Jul 2014 Springtime 20 (Arms&Abs) 20 minutes Intense Gm sweet everyone. . I m good and happy on way to work... Details
7 Jul 2014 Mummy Kicks Butt 23 mins 45 secs Moderate Good .... Details
7 Jul 2014 Independent Workout 20 minutes Casual Gm everyone ! How was on Sunday? I m good peace and play swim and bbq cook everything make me hungry ha... today go work.. dang Details
4 Jul 2014 Core Celebration 30 minutes Moderate Details
3 Jul 2014 Weight Loss Ramp-up 12 minutes Moderate Good moron I feel gerat workout.. on way to work happy thrusday and tmr july 4 I have to work double on 4th dang... Details
2 Jul 2014 Fierce Wall Challenge 10 minutes Intense Bam...bam....bam.... bam... Details
29 Jun 2014 Advanced Yoga Workshop 35 minutes Intense Finally sunday is peace and think.... Details
27 Jun 2014 LOL: Lunges, Obliques & Laterals 30 minutes Moderate Everyone gm... happy friday yayay on way to work and mizz everyone workout hard out of shape Details