Tracked Activities: Workouts

total time
Date Workout Difficulty Duration Trip Note  
28 Mar 2013 Simple Yoga Stretches 16 mins 45 secs Casual Yeah - yoga - thats not for me. But i keep doibg it and soon I'll be flexible. Details
27 Mar 2013 Quick Workout 7 minutes Casual Nice that there was stretching at the end. Thats very good, but too few exc's. Too too way too easy. Just moved myself few times. But great try! Keep doing these! Stretching was very good. Details
18 Mar 2013 St. Patrick's Day Ball 15 minutes Moderate Cool, but i really dont like stability ball. Interesting. No wu no stretching. Pretty intense for back and hands and 6 pac. Details
4 Mar 2013 Core the Pilates Way 15 minutes Moderate Some hard stretching. Good for me. Maybe bit advanced. No wu too. Details
3 Mar 2013 Low-Impact Mat Mix 12 minutes Moderate Cool exc's and nice stretching at the end. Not the best wu, but still nice wo. Details
21 Feb 2013 Abs Attack 15 minutes Moderate Quite good. There was lil wu and stretching. Hard for abs, especially after long break. Details
25 Jan 2013 Washboard Abs Blast 12 minutes Moderate For abs it really is, but no wu, no stretching. Interesting wo thou.. Details
3 Jan 2013 20x13 Full Body Test 20 minutes Moderate Quite good and interesting wo. There was a wu and even a little stretching. Too bad that some exc's were hard to understand. But yeah pretty nice. Details
2 Jan 2013 Ab & Leg Superset 12 mins 30 secs Moderate No wu, no stretching. Just 4 exc's over and over again. Casual and boring. Details
2 Jan 2013 P90x: Ab Ripper X 16 mins 35 secs Intense Finaly one with the stretching in the end. F* intense. Don't do if you haven't train for a while. Abs ripper it sure is. Details
22 Dec 2012 Go Go Gadget Legs! 15 minutes Moderate No wu, no stretching. Weird wo. But good intense for legs. Good exc's, but too bad that there wasn't wu and no stretching. Details
11 Dec 2012 ATV: Arm & Tricep Vanity 25 minutes Intense No wu for that intense wo. The creator is f* mad! No stretching either. I got it done, but my hands are f* hurting so badn Details
26 Nov 2012 Mid-Section Drill 20 minutes Intense Good wo. But not intense. Good for 6pac. Good wu, but stretching was too advanced. Details
23 Nov 2012 Dynamic Duo 23 minutes Moderate Great but not indoors. No stretching thou. Details
19 Nov 2012 Cut and Chiseled 8 minutes Intense Shitty wo. No wu and no stretching. Details
13 Nov 2012 President's Victory Workout 18 minutes Intense Not intense. Cool excs. Good. Wu and stretching. Good wo. Details
8 Nov 2012 Half-Time Full-Body 30 minutes Moderate Wu was but no something and I really dont enjoy dumbbell wo. Not bad, but boring. Details
4 Nov 2012 Autumn Abs 34 mins 20 secs Intense Great wo. Not so intense actually. Details
3 Nov 2012 2012 New Year Blast 13 minutes Moderate Great wo. Good wu and Stretching. Hard after big pause. Details
3 Nov 2012 Five Yoga Arm Exercises 8 mins 20 secs Casual Yoga is weird. Stretching !! Details