Tracked Activities: Workouts

total time
Date Workout Difficulty Duration Trip Note  
27 Feb 2013 Abs 1 minute Casual Oh my gosh! Maybe I haven't been working my abs enough lately but what a burn! Love it! A quick shout out to my followers: Thank you so much for being my motivation to push on and do more, I love you all <3 Details
9 Feb 2013 Cool 1 minute Casual Really love the workout when it got the pushups. You can feel it in your abs which is my main target area at the moment. Details
9 Feb 2013 Ab Workout 9 mins 45 secs Moderate Wonderful workout for your arms. I actually felt it in my abs as well while doing the tricep pushups Details
9 Feb 2013 February Decreasing Reps Workout 1 minute Casual Fast paced and very effective. It works your abs, arms, shoulders, chest and thighs. Love it Details
9 Feb 2013 Situps 1 minute Casual Short, but good workout. Gotta remember the breathing technique, but it is effective. In one minute I felt the abs starting to get a workout Details
24 Jan 2013 Push Ups 1 minute Casual ALWAYS a good workout to tone up the biceps. I can feel it working in my arms, chest and shoulders. Details
24 Jan 2013 Curls 2 minutes Casual A short workout, but effective. In two minutes you can feel the burn and the muscles really working. Details