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Date Workout Difficulty Duration Trip Note  
19 Nov 2017 Isometric Eccentric Squat Day. 27 seconds Intense I did so many squats I cramped my arms haha. For anyone learning squatting or just wants to get better at them. Do paused eccentric squats and see the improvements on the spot! Happy Sunday all. Details
26 May 2017 Isometric Eccentric Squat Day. 36 seconds Intense Back from Stockholm. The ankle is a little better. So I did some very light isometric squats today. They went allright. Lil bit of instability on the ankle on full dept. Rest of the training was a full body routine. Have a good one! Details
4 Apr 2017 CRANKY NECK BACK SHOULDER FIX⚕️ (Chest & Shoulder Openers)〰️* ☆ HS 9 mins 2 secs Moderate Tried this as I got injured on my left shoulder when I was attacked in Copenhagen a few weeks ago. Internal rotation still hurts at times. So not benching alot of exploring movements. Peace out skimble! Details
1 Apr 2017 Supple Body Yoga 13 mins 36 secs Casual Hi guys some late night stretches in Sofia after some beers. If anyone has tips for me to to in the next days pls tel me. I ate at some really expensive restaurant tonight. But they really had some amazing steak. Relay loved that place. Peace out skimblers Details
29 Mar 2017 Isometric Eccentric Squat Day. 35 seconds Intense Guess what. Another training another paused squats day. Slow down and explosive up. Dude asked if he could squat with me, just to tell me afterwards I squat to deep. Thanks for that. Iv been working on solid squatting to deep for some time now haha Details
15 Mar 2017 Isometric Eccentric Squat Day. 26 seconds Intense Back in town! I've been to copenhagen for a week. Alot of beer. Which costs a fortune over there!!! Back in training and tracking macros. Hope you are all well. Today lots of squats to get back in the groove. Details
3 Mar 2017 Squad Mobility 11 mins 42 secs Casual Heavy squat day. Been having some cold knee problems. But weather is better so is my knee! Squats went good. Time to build it up again. Have a good weekend all Details
22 Feb 2017 Squats 3 seconds Moderate I'm working my mobility up to barbel front squats. Until then kettlebel frontsquats. I want to mix up my low bar back squats with front squats. Did an not too heavy set. 5 sets of 8 with 36kg total. Not my strongest position!!! Details
20 Feb 2017 Squad Mobility 11 mins 41 secs Casual In prep for squatting. Added calve stretches. Have a good week everyone. Details
13 Jan 2017 Pre Squat And Leggday Hip Opener 5 mins 10 secs Moderate Good squat day today! Sets went hard and steady. Now time to visit the movies and eat a shit load of popcorn. Peace! Details
12 Jan 2017 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 minutes Casual Good training. Lowered volume on squats. Because I want to squat again tomorrow. Tomorrow volume squats,bench and glute work on the menu. Details
5 Jan 2017 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 mins 2 secs Casual Added in some xtra hamstring and adductor stretches. Togheter with some shoulder freeing. Shoulders have thankfully been really good lately! Details
3 Jan 2017 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 mins 1 sec Casual I'm following starting strength 5x5 programming from now till atleast 3/4 months. I will do 2 cyclus. Resetting every 5 weeks. With half a weak of kind of deload. For anyone looking for a great strength programming, try it out. They got a pretty sollid app aswell. Good stuff Details
28 Dec 2016 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 mins 30 secs Casual Finally a good training again! Been doing way too many stupid but fun things lately. Grind back on training. Drove too aachen, Germany, yesterday for some hamburgers and a pint. Then drove to belgium to set of some fireworks. Which was fun till the cops showed up. And finished the night in Antwerp. Which is always good to visit. Hope everyone had a good xmas and let all the food lead to gains! Details
22 Dec 2016 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 mins 30 secs Casual Almost Christmas hope everyone has wonderfull days and lots of gainz. Because gains are life! Details
16 Dec 2016 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 mins 30 secs Casual I have been totally lacking training discipline. I lost almost 5kg bodyweight in being sick 2 weeks ago! Which really is alot Haha. It has left me feeling really tired and weak. I'm trying to eat extra to gain my weight back. But I gotta kick myself back into gear. Today are squats and push/press training. Enjoy the weekend folks! Details
6 Dec 2016 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 mins 30 secs Casual First training in 6 days. Was battling the flu. But I'm almost back to 100% now. So let the training begin again Haha. Details
29 Nov 2016 Isometric Eccentric Squat Day. 35 seconds Intense Did 9 sets of 3 reps. Eccentric squats with 3 seconds pauze in the bottom. With 90kgs today. Went good. Last few sets was a bit tired after yesterday squat session. Have a good one all. Details
29 Nov 2016 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 mins 30 secs Casual Details
28 Nov 2016 Daily Dorsiflexion Workout 4 mins 30 secs Casual Made a small 'daily' workout working on my dorsiflexion. Details