Tracked Activities: Workouts

total time
Date Workout Difficulty Duration Trip Note  
15 Aug 2014 Tabata 4 minutes Intense Tabata is the best! Details
14 Jul 2014 Brazilian Booty 16 minutes Moderate Al little too hard after hard day at work. And a hot day as well! But hey, I got through with it! Details
9 Jul 2014 Scientific 7-Minute Workout 7 mins 10 secs Intense Good enough for a workout after first back-to-work day... Plus I didn't sleep well and have a headache... :( Details
8 Jul 2014 Sexy Lean Legs 4 minutes Moderate Ouch! Bloody cat decided it's a perfect time to attack my butt! I guess I should be grateful she spared my bollocks! :D Details
8 Jul 2014 100 Second Wall Sit Challenge 1 min 40 secs Intense Wow, this was harder than I expected... o_O Details
8 Jul 2014 Weight Loss Ramp-up 12 minutes Moderate Errr... I forgot the punch line! Details
1 Jul 2014 Quad Squad 20 minutes Moderate Good and hot! Makes my legs BURN! :) Details
25 Jun 2014 Endurance Athlete 22 minutes Intense Weird rest period choices, makes this more intense than I think it should be... But that's just me, I guess... Details
24 Jun 2014 Where The Gun Show Is At ( Joe C) 3 mins 30 secs Intense Too tiny to be serious... Details
24 Jun 2014 Tank Top Arms 27 minutes Moderate OK Details
23 Jun 2014 Fat Burner Deluxe 20 minutes Intense Blast! That was some serious shit! I don't even feel like doing another! It's pouring sweat! Me likey! Details
22 Jun 2014 10 for Legs 10 mins 35 secs Intense Start the day right! Details
15 Jun 2014 Bird Dog Pyramid 7 minutes Intense LOTS of planking! You've been warned! Details
15 Jun 2014 10 for MAS Abs 10 mins 35 secs Moderate Meh. Typical ab exercise with no practical use for those who have more than one digit fat percentage... Clearly not the case for me! :D Details
15 Jun 2014 10 for Legs 10 mins 35 secs Intense Well... As sissy squats suggest, this isn't serious workout. Just variations of squats and lunges with fancy names. And burpees, the only good thing in this crap compilation... No, thank you! Details
11 Jun 2014 Upper body 12 minutes Intense I can't believe that dumbbell fly doesn't have a description! Not a bad workout, though! Details
11 Jun 2014 Quad Squad 20 minutes Moderate I think my thighs are gonna explode! Details
9 Jun 2014 The A-Team 20 minutes Intense Details
4 Jun 2014 Tank Top Arms 27 minutes Moderate Meh... Details
4 Jun 2014 Upper Body Pusher 12 minutes Intense Some sweat is good, more sweat is better! Details