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Shana Abraham

I’m a recent NASM certified personal trainer. I am currently continuing my studies to include women’s fitness as well as nutrition therapy.

Strengthen & Tone, Strength Training, Women-focused

Trainer Functional

HIIT/Interval, Youth Fitness, Bodyweight

Pedro Ávila Medina

Looking forward to assists you in reaching your goals for the the long term.

Weight Loss, Strengthen & Tone, Sports Nutrition

Shaneisha Wofford

My goal is to be your guide in your own fitness journey.

Weight Loss, Strength Training, Athletic Performance

Uriel Gaytan

When it comes to putting in work the only person you should compete against is yourself

Strengthen & Tone, Strength Training

Heidi Guthrie

I am a coach for the XLR40 program based in Red Deer AB.

Bootcamp, Bodyweight, HIIT/Interval

Dana Guillory

An ultra runner turned bodybuilder that has become 3 time Figure Competitor Champion.

Bodybuilding, Marathon Training, Women-focused

Vladimir Klyavkov

I'm a runner, also coaching group of very goodaf childs, i'm also sporteducation teacher, i had trained about12y, and couching about 5y.

Healthy Dieting, Endurance Performance, Massage Therapy

Raena Isaacson

I specialize in helping & encouraging Mommies find practical, affordable & effective ways to fit in workouts and healthy eating!

Strengthen & Tone, HIIT/Interval, Women-focused

Andre Esposito

Athletic Performance, Strengthen & Tone, HIIT/Interval

Rodrigo Negrete

MovFitness entrenamiento personal online. Terapeuta en Actividad Física y Salud, entrenamientos orientados a la salud

Strength Training, Weight Loss, Senior Fitness

Ben Adena

Bachelor of science- exercise physiology Strength and conditioning

Athletic Performance, Weight Loss, Strength Training

Andrea Martin

Consistency with variety is key for me, so if you have workout ADD like I do, let's chat!

HIIT/Interval, Senior Fitness, Yoga

Mark Ko

I'm an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer. Follow me as I plan exercises to help you attain your goals.

HIIT/Interval, Stay Fit Lifestyle, Bodyweight

Betsy Arias

Move Better. Achieve more

HIIT/Interval, Bodybuilding, Pre & Postnatal

Jeremy Sayre

I use functional fitness techniques to improve functional and healthy lifestyles.

Endurance Performance, Stay Fit Lifestyle, Plyometrics

Matthew Martinez

Intern in the Atrium Healthcare System in Concord, NC

Strengthen & Tone, Aerobics, Balance

Becca Bush

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Performance, Olympic Lifting, Youth Fitness

Jose Manuel Gorjon

Master's degree in sports management, Master high sports performance, Physical education and sports degree, UEFA pro Coach

Endurance Performance, Bootcamp, Spinning/Cycling

Ryan Veness

As an athlete i have a huge passion for exercise and it is always my goal to have other join me in the journey towards optimal health.

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Diabetes, Weight Loss

Santy V

I will always give my best while committing myself to my clients. The same way I expect them to be 100% committed to me and their own goals.

Bodyweight, Weight Loss, Healthy Dieting

Sergio Carrillo

Emphasizing strength development to help improve overall body composition and movement.

Strength Training, Kickboxing, Healthy Dieting

Clarissa Williams

I'm an Elite Trainer with several specialties. I enjoy working with groups and seniors to help aid in their fitness & longevity.

Healthy Dieting, HIIT/Interval, Bootcamp

Weston B

Heading into my 7th full year of hypertrophy training, I use research backed approaches and techniques in both my training and nutrition.

Bodybuilding, Sports Nutrition, Strengthen & Tone

Nicole Miller

Former gymnastics coach, current librarian and group fitness instructor.

HIIT/Interval, Youth Fitness, Stay Fit Lifestyle