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Jonny Cox

Helping to improve the quality of life

Massage Therapy, Strengthen & Tone, Stay Fit Lifestyle

Alessandro Di Pierro

Physical therapist living in Cormano, (MI) helping people solving their problems and surpassing their limits.

Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Injury Rehab

Kayla Blier

I am a LMT as well as a CPT, helping my clients to love their bodies while they make them strong and healthy!

HIIT/Interval, Weight Loss, Massage Therapy

Vladimir Klyavkov

I'm a runner, also coaching group of very goodaf childs, i'm also sporteducation teacher, i had trained about12y, and couching about 5y.

Healthy Dieting, Endurance Performance, Massage Therapy

Kd Eob

I'm a massage therapist with a special interest in therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise.

Athletic Performance, Injury Rehab, Massage Therapy

Elio Troncoso

In the health & fitness industry for 25 years

Strengthen & Tone, Weight Loss, Massage Therapy

Gerrit Delver

Massage Therapy Student and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. Competitive Power lifter, football coach

Strength Training, Sports, Massage Therapy

Ehud Borovoy

Specialized in pre/post injury or surgery. Training for strength, stability, and longevity. I specialize in working out with proper form.

Strength Training, Massage Therapy, Strengthen & Tone

Rubén Darío Rincón Montoya

Licenciado en Educación Física y Recreación Universidad de Caldas, entrenador de Gimnasia Artística

Bodyweight, Plyometrics, Massage Therapy