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Aesia K

Hard work, dedication, and no excuses. It could always be worse!

Bodyweight, Stay Fit Lifestyle, Youth Fitness

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Trainer Functional

HIIT/Interval, Youth Fitness, Bodyweight

Andrew Sharpeta

Fitness professional

Plyometrics, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness

Mitch Kelly

Cert III qualified Completing cert IV & sporting diploma currently.

Bodybuilding, Sports Nutrition, Youth Fitness

Julia Kendall

I'm a passionate fitness professional, who cares about improving and maintaining the health and fitness of others.

Bootcamp, Youth Fitness, HIIT/Interval

3-Day Free Trial

Phillip Hoskins

Youth Fitness & Performance Run Stronger, faster, and train to help prevent injury!

Youth Fitness, Athletic Performance, Endurance Performance

Jane D.

Youth Fitness, Triathlons, Athletic Performance

Laurie Snyder

Laurie is a certified personal trainer and certified teacher. She trains all fitness levels as a partner trainer with Camp Gladiator.

Bootcamp, Athletic Performance, Youth Fitness