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Aesia K

Hard work, dedication, and no excuses. It could always be worse!

Bodyweight, Stay Fit Lifestyle, Youth Fitness

Julia Kendall

I'm a passionate fitness professional, who cares about improving and maintaining the health and fitness of others.

Bootcamp, Youth Fitness, HIIT/Interval

Laurie Snyder

Laurie is a certified personal trainer and certified teacher. She trains all fitness levels as a partner trainer with Camp Gladiator.

Bootcamp, Athletic Performance, Youth Fitness

Andrew Sharpeta

Fitness professional

Plyometrics, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness

Mitch Kelly

Cert III qualified Completing cert IV & sporting diploma currently.

Bodybuilding, Sports Nutrition, Youth Fitness

3-Day Free Trial

Phillip Hoskins

Youth Fitness & Performance Run Stronger, faster, and train to help prevent injury!

Youth Fitness, Athletic Performance, Endurance Performance

Jane D.

Youth Fitness, Triathlons, Athletic Performance

Wyatt Wermager

Former hockey player, fitness professional working with athletes. I want to help you become the ringer on your team!

Athletic Performance, Youth Fitness, Plyometrics