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Dustin Gunderson

"People dont care how much you know, until they know how much you care" Theodore Roosevelt.

Aerobics, Diabetes, Weight Loss

Ashon Avent

I used to be over 450lbs...I understand the struggle and importance of taking your health seriously.

Weight Loss, Strengthen & Tone, Diabetes

Ryan Veness

As an athlete i have a huge passion for exercise and it is always my goal to have other join me in the journey towards optimal health.

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Diabetes, Weight Loss

Joyce Antonetty

Mom of 3, online and mobile trainer specializing in weight loss, strength building and chronic conditions.

Bootcamp, Diabetes, HIIT/Interval

Candice Brown

M.Sc. Kin, CSEP Certified Exercise Phsyiologist, RYT Registered yoga teacher, diving coach, and swimming instructor extraordinaire!

Injury Rehab, Stay Fit Lifestyle, Diabetes

Neucleus Arnold

I enjoy helping other change their lives and improve overall health. I'm NASM and Beach Body Certified Trainer

Weight Loss, Arthritis, Diabetes

Ebony Pearson

I am an ex college athlete who has a passion for helping people live healthier lives.

Diabetes, Arthritis, Strengthen & Tone

Linda Walker

I am an exercise physiologist who has an interest in cancer, osteoporosis, and injury rehabilitation.

Vinyasa, Physical Therapy, Diabetes

Andrea Zolea

I'm an athletic endurance sports coach, Strength training, treatment and prevention of various diseases with exercise.

Strength Training, Endurance Performance, Diabetes

Lorry Brown

Fitness is one piece of the healthy lifestyle pie. A healthy lifestyle entails balance in all aspects of ones life. That is my focus.

Strengthen & Tone, Diabetes, Senior Fitness

Everett Callaway

Over 15 years of experience

Plyometrics, Bootcamp, Diabetes