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Cristiano Meroni

I live Fitness with Empathy, Equilibrium, Elegance and Experience

Physical Therapy, Balance, Healthy Dieting

Jenni Vargas

Now that I’ve been training for over 8 years, I am more appreciative than ever of the clients that have entrusted me with their health!

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Suspension, Physical Therapy

Alessandro Di Pierro

Physical therapist living in Cormano, (MI) helping people solving their problems and surpassing their limits.

Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Injury Rehab

Mylène De Graaf

Experienced physiotherapist

Balance, Endurance Performance, Physical Therapy

Carolyn Murphy

Physical therapist.

Injury Rehab, Balance, Physical Therapy

Francisco Perez

Movfitness entrenamiento personal online. Physical therapist, with, level 1 crossfit trainer course approved

CrossFit, Physical Therapy, Strengthen & Tone

Jason Nash

I am a fun loving physical therapist assistant and nsca certified personal trainer studying to get my tactical strength and conditioning cer

Strengthen & Tone, Athletic Performance, Physical Therapy

Bryant Meeks

Physical Therapy, Strengthen & Tone, Athletic Performance

Vince Rossi

After looking in a mirror and seeing how far I had fallen, I wanted to change. Now I want to help people achieve their goals.

Weight Loss, Strengthen & Tone, Physical Therapy

Andy J. O'neill

Fitness professional on a mission to change the world, one person at a time.

Athletic Performance, Sports Nutrition, Physical Therapy

Sure Cure Wellness

I am a physical Therapist , i have sure cure wellness center in Carrollton , Texas area.

Physical Therapy

Luke Champion

Personal/Group trainer. College football athlete and physical therapy student

Athletic Performance, Strength Training, Physical Therapy

Paride Pistorello

Physical therapist, fitness trainer and swimmer.

Physical Therapy, Injury Rehab, Stay Fit Lifestyle

Oshay Walker

I am a firm believer in flexibility and focus.

Physical Therapy, Healthy Dieting, Vinyasa

Betto Salinas

Physical Therapy, Sports, Injury Rehab

Sheril Marek

Earned my BS and MS in Kinesiology. Certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and strength and conditioning specialist.

Physical Therapy, Injury Rehab, Athletic Performance

Cristiane Cruz

I used exercise therapy to treat my own spine injury, and aim to help others do the same!

Senior Fitness, Physical Therapy, Injury Rehab

Sabri Xhaferi

Specializing in workouts that are challenging yet cognizant of physical limitations.

Physical Therapy, Injury Rehab, Back Pain

Linda Walker

I am an exercise physiologist who has an interest in cancer, osteoporosis, and injury rehabilitation.

Vinyasa, Physical Therapy, Diabetes

Paul Fleming

Student Sports Rehabilitator that specialises in strength, mobility and injury prevention.

Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Injury Rehab

Marcus Johnson

I am a CSCS with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, former Boeing exercise physiologist, and current Doctor of Physical Therapy student.

Physical Therapy, Strength Training, Athletic Performance

Elizabeth Jones

Physical Therapy, Strengthen & Tone, Strength Training

Karen Knoll

Wellness is created by doing what you enjoy.

Balance, Senior Fitness, Physical Therapy

Carlos Salinas

Love to be healthy and promote a healthy living through client/ patient education.

Sports, Physical Therapy, Injury Rehab