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Staci Brown

Women's Fitness Specialist B.S. Exercise Science ACE-PT AFAA Group X

Aerobics, Bodyweight, Women-focused

Dustin Gunderson

"People dont care how much you know, until they know how much you care" Theodore Roosevelt.

Aerobics, Diabetes, Weight Loss

Kaye Obano

Technique is the key , keeping things simple

Aerobics, Bodybuilding, Athletic Performance

Julie Alsaker

Health is found when you believe you are worth it, you are valuable regardless of your current fitness level. The rest is just showing up.

Aerobics, Dance, Weight Loss

Anita Harrell

Dance, Injury Rehab, Aerobics

Matthew Martinez

Intern in the Atrium Healthcare System in Concord, NC

Strengthen & Tone, Aerobics, Balance

Florence Otaigbe

Upgrading my fit life and yours one day at a time

Strength Training, Aerobics, Strengthen & Tone

Vivienne Borchers

I'm a wife, mother, a Licensed Zumba Instructor, a Certified Personal Personal Trainer, and a Nutrition coach.

Aerobics, Weight Loss, Dance

Pauline Razon

AFAA Group Exercise Trainer Zumba Barre Strong/ HIIT Dance2fit

Aerobics, Dance, Food & Recipes

Sarah Marie

I graduated in 2011 from ASU with a degree in Exercise and Wellness. I am also ACSM certified as an Exercise Physiologist.

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Aerobics, Back Pain

Carol Richards

I believe everyone can achieve their goals and live a happier, healthy life. Not just by eating right and exercise but also with Energy Work

Weight Loss, HIIT/Interval, Aerobics

Bianca Calhoun

Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Lifestyle Weight Management Coach.

HIIT/Interval, Strength Training, Aerobics

Agus Erice

Soy personal trainer y estudiante del profesorado de educación física

Aerobics, Corporate Fitness, Weight Loss

Bata Elalmy

Certified fitness instructor

Aerobics, CrossFit, Bodyweight

Tyler Neuwirth

You have to RUN as fast as you can towards your goals! Be a STEP above the rest! Please let me share my life passion with you! : )

Aerobics, Endurance Performance, Weight Loss

Pedro Rufiandis Cabrer

Cuida tu cuerpo y tu alimentacion. Lo demas es cosa mia.

Aerobics, Athletic Performance, Sports Nutrition

Whitney Washington

I live to build and inspire specifically as a fitness professional by walking clients through behavior change and lifestyle modification.

Strengthen & Tone, Aerobics, Women-focused

Alison Corcoran

Aerobics, Bodyweight, Bootcamp

Sumeet Sahni

If you are ready to take charge of your body and your life, follow my journey and just know, I can help you.

Suspension, Plyometrics, Balance

Katherine Hughey

Group Exercise Manager to help you along your journey from group fitness, small group training, to personal training.

Strength Training, Weight Loss, Aerobics

Tami Drayton

Professional Dancer since 1978 - Dancercise instructor since 2000 - Zumba instructor since 2015

Aerobics, Senior Fitness, Dance

Mark Huff

Zumba, Bootcamp and Personal Trainer

Aerobics, Bootcamp, Dance

C Smitty

Aerobics, Suspension, Core Conditioning

Charlie Bruno

Been a professional mascot for 10 years. I teach Zumba and Bokwa Fitness classes

Aerobics, Dance, HIIT/Interval

Michelle Porto

ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Senior Fitness, Aerobics, Strength Training