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May 3, 2013 10:59am
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Motivation & Support / 30 day squat challenge?

Hi guys I'm going start the 30 day squat challenge, it sound pretty hard but I need that strengthen in my thighs.... Everyone sounds so enthusiastic, it great! First messaging in the forum, usually do the natural booty pops, simple yoga stretch in the morning and arm balance builder as I'm a dancer, thought that would be good for me. I'm also trying to learn the splits, any tips pls.... Going to start the 30 day challenge on Monday, will start with 100
03 May
Splits is hard if you're not flexible. I learn to do it when I was 13-14. Just relax yourself as you do normal stretches and I guess I would say each day try to do a split but go lower each day you so it. The squat challenge helps the butt muscles. It lifts the butt while making it bigger. I'm not sure how much it helps the thighs. 😫 I'll look it up on the Internet and find out. When you begin let us know your progress each day and good luck! 😊
18 May
Okay, thanx for the response!!😉


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