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Nov 16, 2014 8:25pm
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Diet & Nutrition / Protein Shakes: Before or after?

I've been drinking whey protein after my workout. But I've talked to people who say it's better before. Does it make a difference drinking them before or after?
17 Nov
Yes it effect body
17 Nov
If you're only going to drink one then it's better to do afterwards otherwise take them at both times before and after because as soon as you start working out your muscle tears have ample amount of amino acids in your bloodstream for the repair to start right away which will let you get more reps coffee is a good pre sup too
17 Nov
After. That's when your body needs it most. Plus sometimes i find it makes me bloated and sluggish. Sort of makes me feel like I've eaten a big meal right before a workout and I find this makes me less active. I'd definitely recommend after but everyone is different.
19 Nov
After. Amino acids or BCAAs during workout
19 Nov
Makes a huge difference , I personally do it before and after.