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Sep 3, 2016 7:58pm
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Motivation & Support / Ready to lose belly

Hi Maria, well done on your decision. If I can recommend try to focus more on 30-45min of running and rather give it a bit more intensity with intervals (depending on your current fitness of course). Reducing your carbohydrates intake is good step too rather than reducing your protein. Less potatoes, rice, pasta and bread but do not avoid it. Focus more on vegetables as a side to your main meals. Try not to eat after 7-8pm and definitely have good source of protein and carbohydrate in 30min after workout (2eggs on whole grain toast for example, or just the eggs or protein shake). Belly fat is always tricky to get rid off but one thing helps to keep it flat and that is constant engagement. I used to teach people to imagine somebody is trying to "punch you in tummy" and learn how to keep your stomach tight no matter what is the time of the day. Hope this helps 👍