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May 21, 2017 5:08pm
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Challenges / Fitness & Weight loss challenge by 31 July, by 25 October 2017 and by 18 December 2017

Weight loss and fitness challenge . By 31 July 2017 aiming to loose about 5 kilos in weight and body size, aiming get to size 36/38 eu size by 18 December 2017 by exercising 37 minutes to 40 minutes a day or more. Afterward mainting weight and size.

21 May
@rashida lets do this
23 May
shida what is your goal?
28 May
week 1 - started off real well but was a bit of a challenge to combine with sleeping hours and work out hours. improvement - when awake have to get out of bed straight away to start exercise to ensure minimum of over 30 minutes exercise
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Oct 5, 2015 7:14am
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Challenges / Weight loss challenge

4 months challenge. 5 kilo weight loss, toning and tightening challenge

05 Oct
I would love to join in. Great to be accountable to someone
08 Oct
Great the exercise is on my created page. You can check it and do. I cant create more than 3 so whrn i finish one i change it to the next day