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May 1, 2016 5:56pm
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Motivation & Support / Getting back in bikini shape

Getting ready for bikini season. I actually started yesterday. This month is important to me. I was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme stage 4 (terminal brain cancer) on October 31st 2013. I was I have about 6 months to live. As you can see, I'm beating the odds. May is also brain tumor awareness/ brain cancer month. So, I thought it was fitting. I haven't been feeling very well because the fatigue I feel after my chemo infusion treatment. But this month has to be, strike that, going to different. I want to in bikini shape. Not only because I'll look good but I feel good. I'll eat healthy meals , it is good for my health to workout, and I'll feel less fatigue because I'm being active. They say it take 21 days to make it a habit, so a month will do me a whole lot of good.
Join me on this adventure. I'll workout 5 days a week and yoga workout every day .

What are your goals this month?

01 May
Thank you for your inspiration and please keep us posted. Today is my birthday and i had promised myself that Id get started today. i lost my mom to brain cancer when i was young and know how hard the fight is. I am going to dedicate this month of working out to you. I havent worked out very much in the last 10 years, have struggled with thyroid cancet/disease and know that if you can do it, then i can and will work hard for you! You will be in my prayers throughout this month and will work extra...
01 May
Mindy I., im so sorry for loss. This a great month to honor her. I know she's look down on you proudly.
02 May
You can be proud and happy Christine and I really love your attitude. All the best for your long journey:) I'm running a half marathon end of may, so my focus is preparing on this run now
02 May
Thanks Heiko S. since im getting back in routine of working out ans being active, i think id better slow slow and easy. I want ro start running again but i dont have the stamina right now. But ill get there.
02 May
You will Christine! Start slow and make sure not to run too fast. Your body needs oxygen and you shouldn't come out off breath to avoid free radicals.


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