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  • You Walk This 
    You Walk This 😌
    43 mins 30 secs, Moderate
  • Werkin Women
    Werkin Women
    45 minutes, Moderate
  • Abs & Arms Assault
    Abs & Arms Assault
    38 mins 21 secs, Intense
  • Giddy Up Cowgirl
    Giddy Up Cowgirl
    37 mins 30 secs, Intense
  • Elliptical Intensity Trainer
    Elliptical Intensity Trainer
    40 minutes, Intense
  • Muscle Memory
    Muscle Memory
    35 minutes, Moderate

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Intense Ic_time_32x32 44 mins  
Full Body   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Dumbbell


Moderate Ic_time_32x32 24 mins  
Full Body  
Bra Fat Bye Bye

Bra Fat Bye Bye

Moderate Ic_time_32x32 38 mins  
Upper Body   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Dumbbell, Bench
Drop It Like It’s Squat

Drop It Like It’s Squat

Moderate Ic_time_32x32 33 mins  
Lower Body   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Chair, Dumbbell
Body Blast

Body Blast

Intense Ic_time_32x32 43 mins  
Strong Body 1.0

Strong Body 1.0

Moderate Ic_time_32x32 41 mins  
Full Body   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Stability Ball, Dumbbell, Chair

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