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This collection of upper body stretches have helped control my pain from thoracic outlet syndrome and typing-related repetitive stress injury. Maybe other injured people, or other computer geeks, can do them, too! You will need a chair, bench or bed; a door frame or outer wall corner; a towel or 4" double ball (peanut); a foam roller long enough to support your head and the full length of your spine; and optionally, a small dumbbell. None of these stretches are supposed to result in pinching or sharp pains; please stop if they do. Consult your doctor about which stretches are appropriate for you.


Set 1: 4 rounds
Bent Arm Chest Stretch
Bent Arm Chest Stretch
30 seconds

Set 2: 4 rounds
Reaching Behind Your Back
30 seconds

Set 3: 2 rounds
Opposed Reaches
30 seconds

Set 4: 2 rounds
Wrist Flexor Stretches
Wrist Flexor Stretches
15 seconds
Wrist Extensor Stretches
Wrist Extensor Stretches
15 seconds
Forearm Twist
15 seconds

Set 5: 2 rounds
Hump Stretch
30 seconds

Set 6: 1 round
Neck Roll Stretch
2 minutes

Set 7: 2 rounds
Toweled Biceps Stretch
2 minutes

Set 8: 1 round
Chest Relaxation
2 minutes

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