Oh lala...a random one to get you started! You may want to use an exercise or yoga mat underneath you.


Set 1: 1 round
Hop in Place
Hop in Place
1 minute
Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle Crunches
1 minute
Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks
1 minute
Leg Lifts
Leg Lifts
1 minute

Workout Discussion

03 Feb
Yeah it was my first workout, just four minutes felt like a marathon lol
08 Sep
:Do my workout the Cam and Kiara :-) :-) :-) please
23 Mar
I'm gonna try this for a couple of weeks before bed!
24 May
That was tiring for a fat newbie haha
07 Mar
Lost my phone & not a Pro+! :(
24 Feb
Completed two rounds of this.

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