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In this workout, you'll learn some fantastic body weight exercises. Once you build the foundation, challenge yourself to do them at maximum reps in each interval sets. This session will get your heart rate up in no time!

Workout Discussion

02 Dec
U must log your wheight if u want to see the calories burned
02 Dec
How to know how many calories I burned during my training
01 Nov
Does it show the calorie burn somewhere? Thanks!
31 Oct
I didn't like this one because it changes the exercise too fast. And at the end there is 3 series of jumping lunges, something that I'd too hard
31 Oct
I found the same error as Danielle. The cross jacks pics are the same as cross to knee.
09 Jul
This session was a pretty intense workout for me, and I could definitely feel it when I was all done.
25 Jun
The pics for cross knees to elbows are the same for cross jacks. Since I found this app as I was preparing to work out, I didn't get to make sure I understood the instructions ahead of time. Found this confusing.

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