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Workout Discussion

03 Apr
Was too tough for me to complete perfectly, but I guess that should be expected when jumping straight to a 'moderate' workout program and skipping 'casual'. For the Needle exercise, though, there are significant discrepancies between the video, the still photos, and the text description -- each medium instructs a different way to do it, regarding standing from elbow or hand and regarding whether your supposed be switching sides completely. Overall though: a nice tough workout.
31 Mar
Through the needle was very difficult for me.
10 Oct
Side plank killed me. Can't reached 45seconds
20 Sep
Does anyone have this app sync with S Health? My calories burned don't seem to be sync with S Health. Help please
31 May
Hard at first, but once you've done it s few times all becomes easier. Remember, you're using stability muscles that haven't been used in awhile. Once those muscles develop the exercises aren't so bad. Make sure to eat right, poor diet poor muscle recovery!!
29 Dec
How do you save the video for later?
07 Nov
The sideways elbow planks seemed impossible!
19 Oct
Had difficulty doing reverse crunches and through the needle, i wonder if others also share the same.

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