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The TRX 40/40 Challenge combines two signature body and core exercises: the TRX Atomic Push-up and the TRX Low Row. Complete this challenge and join the 40/40 Club!


Set 1: 1 round
40 TRX Atomic Push-up
2 mins 30 secs
45 seconds
40 TRX Low Rows
40 TRX Low Rows
2 mins 30 secs

Workout Discussion

28 Apr
Yeah, not sure why they don't have a picture Since it's one of the greatest exercises in the world! Grrrr! You put your feet in the hand/foot cradles of the TRX with ur body face down... then erect yourself Into the straight arm plank position. Lower ur self in2 a push-up then draw your knees into your chest Return to the plank position and repeat. :)
05 Mar
Rather new at a lot of these exercises can someone tell me what an atomic push up is please

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