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Set 1: 1 round
4 minutes
Add Resistance And Stand. Lean Forward For 20 Seconds And Lean Back For 20 Seconds
5 mins 40 secs
Add Resistance And Pick Up Speed. Break Each Minute Up, Go Faster At Each 0 Second,15 Second, 30 Second Marks Then Recover At 45 Second Mark
4 minutes
Speed Intervals 30 Second On 30 Seconds Off
5 minutes
Seated Hill Climbs
3 mins 30 secs
Add Resistance, standing Sprints 15 Seconds Up, 15 Seconds Seated
4 mins 20 secs
Moderate Resistance, Seated Fast Tempo Ride
4 minutes
Add Resistance, Stand For Hill, Moderately Fast Temp
3 minutes
Add More Resistance Stay Standing At A Steep Slow Hill, Heavy Resistance
4 mins 20 secs
Lower Your Resistance And Sprint To The End
2 minutes
Cool Down
5 minutes

Workout Discussion

15 May
Challenge yourself with 2 rounds for a great cardio blast!

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