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Do this workout everyday for your first four weeks of the Prime Transformation program.


Set 1: 3 rounds
Walk Briskly
Walk Briskly
4 minutes
Bodyweight Exercise
1 minute
Record Your Heart Rate Data
30 seconds

Workout Discussion

15 Oct
Today I found that Perkins restaurant had a Web page to calculate their entire menu. It helped me to add more accurate values to my log!
14 Oct
This morning I did 5 min walk 45 second jumping jacks 4 minute walk 2 30 second jumoing jacks after 1st jj hr 164 89% 2nd jj 157 84% 3rd 159 85%
18 Sep
Help I thought I was just suppose to walk first week, oops, I got this workout app loaded buut how do I find the specific workout?
15 Aug
Sweating and it's night. 45-23% 105-52 % 142-72% 140-71 % jumping jacks for body weight
18 Jul
Ok finished it 65, 66, 68 tonight. kind ofsore feet but I did it!
17 Jul
Had a good workout this morning as well. Hit my right knee and got a brace for the workout perform great. Everyone keep the good work up.
16 Jul
Ok I found this page. I have been walking 15 / 20 min. A day. Having some pain in my knee so I put on a brace. That helped. I have bookmarked this page to find it later. Best heart rate is 110 moderate. Is the armband picking up movement while the trk is moving?
16 Jul
All I can say is wow.
14 Jul
I got the app it just says find TRU Featured but i don't see it! It did send a push Notification after u posted cliff but I can't get it again
14 Jul
I don't understand how to find the workout!! It found me when cliff posted but now I can't find it again!!

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