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Active stretches: high knees, glutes, quads, lunges forward and lateral, caterpillars. Then attach kinetic band and do 10 sprint lunge holds. Move on to sprint walks x 10. Then do static holds balancing on one tensed leg - do both legs - standing straight leg out keep waist straight tighten glutes and quads stand and balance make leg like a rock. Attach black band to something sturdy and do sprint lunge holds - or use kinetic bands but on calf/ankles instead of thighs if possible. 10 sets of wall sprints with kinetics on thighs. 5 sets of wall sprints without. Static Stretches, you're done!


Set 1: 1 round
Active Stretch
10 minutes
Sprint Lunge Holds
30 minutes
10 Sprint Walks
10 minutes
Left Leg Static Hold
7 minutes
Right Leg Static Hold
7 minutes

Set 2: 1 round
Black Band Sprint Lunge Holds
5 minutes
Kinetic Wall Sprints
17 minutes
Wall Sprints No Resistance
9 minutes

Set 3: 1 round
Static Stretches
10 minutes

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