Time_32x32 13:00    Intensity_moderate_32x32 Moderate    Target_32x32 Shoulders    Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Dumbbells
Get strong, lean, lovable arms...they're great for hugging and carrying your significant other! Want to bulk up? Pick a heavier weight and do fewer reps/set. Prefer to tone muscle? Choose a lighter weight and do more reps/set. In general, the trainer's rule of thumb is to pick a weight that makes it hard to complete your last 2-3 reps/set. Pace yourself and repeat regularly for those most lovable arms.

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17 Sep
It's great. I feel my arms :D
29 May
it's a great workout...unfortunately I can only do this workout on my phone. It's annoying
29 May
I am a pro and for some reason cannot do my lovable arms.

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