HIIT Me With A Carbo Burn
Moderate   Ic_time_32x32 07:00    Target_32x32 Cardio   
This is a type of high intensity interval training workout designed to get your heart rate up. You'll be burning lots of carbs with seven rounds of intense running and light jogging.

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7 rounds of:
Maintain a straight and erect posture with your head up and back straight.
Run As Hard As You Can

30 seconds
Jog Slowly Or Walk
Jog Slowly Or Walk

30 seconds

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Workout Discussion

01 Jan
I'm going to do this while wearing rebound boots (Kangoo Jumps and other brands), and then, when I have more time, double, then triple, the time. 7, 14, 21 min workouts! And maybe longer as I get more conditioned!
01 Jan
How about burning FAT? Thanks!
22 Jul
This will do it
25 Aug
This was GREAT!!!!!!!
19 May
I love the intensity of this workout
24 Mar
Love it!