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Here's a great fitness challenge that is tough, but attainable. It may take you a few times to conquer it, or if you are in good shape, you may nail it on the first attempt. In order to officially master the challenge, you must complete 50 reps of each 7 exercises in the allotted time. No equipment is needed for this challenge. Get ready to move quickly!

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05 Nov
I liked the workout, but wish for two things: 1. The workout video clips really threw me off when they looped. I'd finally match the rhythm of the trainer after 10-15 seconds, and then the clip would loop, and the edit was such that I'd often be half a rep out of sync with the trainer. Please edit future clips so the rhythm is maintained across each loop break. 2. There were some 10-second breaks between 60-second exercises, but it was not consistent. Having been doing Tabata workouts lately, I'd love to see that same kind of "exercise for X...