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Here it is again: the first workout of your program. Somewhere you documented how the workout felt on a 1-10 scale. Now is the time to put your efforts to the test by doing the same workout and giving it another 1-10 scale. Let us know how you did! We'd love to hear it. Now let's get retro and do this one more time!

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  • Sexy Legs for Girls & Boys
    Sexy Legs for Girls & Boys
    30 minutes, Casual
  • Barre Body Slim Down
    Barre Body Slim Down
    25 minutes, Moderate
  • Ring the BELLS!
    Ring the BELLS!
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Shed & Sculpt
    Shed & Sculpt
    30 minutes, Casual
  • Chest Day
    Chest Day
    30 minutes, Intense
  • Ice Cream Melter
    Ice Cream Melter
    26 minutes, Moderate