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  • Advanced Yoga Workshop
    Advanced Yoga Workshop
    35 minutes, Intense
  • Crossfit challenge
    Crossfit challenge
    36 mins 17 secs, Intense
  • Dedicated to Muscle
    Dedicated to Muscle
    40 minutes, Intense
  • Runner's High
    Runner's High
    39 mins 30 secs, Moderate
  • C-Power Ups & Downs 290518
    C-Power Ups & Downs 290518
    39 mins 40 secs, Intense
  • Glute Focus
    Glute Focus
    46 mins 36 secs, Moderate

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Newly Magnified Muscles

Newly Magnified Muscles

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Full Body mymuna

Full Body mymuna

Intense Ic_time_32x32 35 mins  
Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Barbell, Dumbbell, Stability Ball, Medicine Ball, BOSU
Plyo workout

Plyo workout

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HIIT Mymuna october 2016

HIIT Mymuna october 2016

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Kayla Itness Full Body Week 2-4

Kayla Itness Full Body Week 2-4

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Full Body   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Dumbbell, Jump Rope
Full body Circuit

Full body Circuit

Intense Ic_time_32x32 45 mins  
Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Stability Ball

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