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Stand with feet hip width apart and hands on hips, raise one leg, close eyes and balance as long as you can. Aim to really work each leg, reduce the number of times you have to reset. Always reset yourself with eyes open. This is a floor exercise but if you find it easy, progress to a abuso ball... always open eyes when losing balance to ensure you don't fall over!


Set 1: 1 round
Right Leg Blind Balance
Right Leg Blind Balance
10 minutes

Set 2: 1 round
Left Leg Bilnd Balance
Left Leg Bilnd Balance
10 minutes

Workout Discussion

01 Jun
Up to you if you do it with or without BOSU. For people starting out, I recommend doing it bare foot on the floor.
20 May
With or without the BOSU? 20 minutes is like FOREVER!

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