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Be it walking on the job, casual swimming or any other activity that could be considered physical activity yet - it s not a workout where I need to follow skimble instructions -. Just to keep in touch and letting ya 'll know I m not sitting on my butt all day 😉


Set 1: 1 round
5 seconds

Workout Discussion

30 Apr
And I was wondering how to do this lol. Thank you, Foxy Lady. I'll use it next time :D
18 Feb
So funny
10 Jan
haha! thanks ladies =) i use it for walks /hikes etc... any activity i don't use the app for but just to let people know i m not sitting on my bootie all day lol!!! =)
04 Jan
Now this is an awesome idea - thank you Heidi
18 Sep
Hi Heidi....hugged you...kissed you💋

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