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If you burn out dipping, transition into reverse table top and hold until end of 30 seconds


Set 1: 10 rounds
Tricep Dips
Tricep Dips
30 seconds
10 seconds

Workout Discussion

07 Jul
@Foxy D - DAM!!! How did I miss that comment, THANKYOU and YES on the great pic. I cant stop looking at it. Is that a bad thing. She Rocks! :-)
22 Apr
Maria Kuzmina, Russian multiple Bodybuilding champion title holder to Ms Universe, Ms World etc...great pic eh? ☺️😉💪
08 Mar
@Desert Fox - Ok, That's it but I have to ask, who is this person in this person in the pic for this workout. I keep thinking its Cindy Landolt, Personal Trainer in Zurich Switzerland. http://cindytraining.com/cindy-landolt/

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