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Set 1: 1 round
Kettlebell Clean 1 Rep And Press 1 Rep Each Arm
1 rep
Kettlebell Clean 1 Rep And Press 2 Rep Each Arm
2 reps
Kettlebell Clean 1 Rep And Press 3 Rep Each Arm
3 reps

Set 2: 1 round
3 Pullup/5 Dip/7 Pushup/9 Kettle Swing
3 Pullup/5 Dip/7 Pushup/9 Kettle Swing
12 minutes

Workout Discussion

10 Apr
Sorry just now replying but yes you can do that
05 Apr
If I don't have enough space, cld I do walking lunges in place, say 20 (one each leg) and then do the same on duck walk...10 forward and 10 back, or something like that...for 15?
05 Apr
can I do dumbbell walking lunge?
05 Apr
Just let the time run when you get to that part on skimble until the time is up.
05 Apr
Read the description above. I don't know of a way to put it in skimble for time. You do a 50 foot walking lunge then drop the bar and immediately duck walk back. Your partner then grabs the bar and does walking lunges then duck walks back. Continue doing this for 10-15 minutes no rest
04 Apr
2 second duck walk? that's hardly enough time to even get going, is it? lol

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