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The Bedrock Program is designed to start strength training at the most basic level. We will work on basic movement patterns and gradually progress to more difficult exercises as time goes on. The program will have alternating days of intensity, some days its will be hard, some days it will be medium, and some days it will be easy. Make sure you take your time with your repetitions and are controlled as you do them. Later on we will start doing tempo work, but for now we are learning the basics. When you are doing what feels like light resistance or body weight concentrate on being perfect in your form, and that means, big chest, locked in core, and in control; become a master of what you do, a technician. The next 3 weeks will be different than last weeks workouts, these will get gradually tougher and will also change up different exercises, its designed to build strength. Make sure you let me know if you have any issues.

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  • Chiseling Cardio Fix
    Chiseling Cardio Fix
    12 minutes, Moderate
  • Lasting Effects
    Lasting Effects
    11 mins 50 secs, Casual
  • Body Slim Down
    Body Slim Down
    16 mins 50 secs, Casual
  • Abs Attack
    Abs Attack
    15 minutes, Moderate
  • Walking Weight Off
    Walking Weight Off
    19 minutes, Casual
  • Beginner BlastOFF!
    Beginner BlastOFF!
    15 minutes, Casual