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It's back to work! Your RITTERSP online training for September 2017 has been uploaded to the app. Notes: -We are going into a base strength cycle before we hammer home power for October/November. -On Friday you have a conditioning circuit. We are going to use this to attack your last 25 of the 100. You have 2:00 to complete the exercises listed in the circuit. If you get done in 1:30, you have 30 seconds of rest. During the circuit go as fast as possible with good form. The first exercise is for time. Then the rest are reps. You control the pace after the first exercise. -Inverted Row: Complete each rep with a three-second hold in the row position and a three second lower. -Single Leg Jump Down: Focus on sticking the landing. Minimize side to side shake in the knee. -Single Leg Deadlift and Row + Cable: Use a band instead. Make sure there is resistance on the band throughout. -Slam + MB: Focus on getting full extension overhead.


Set 1: 3 rounds
Function Warmup
Effort: Moderate
Function Warmup
Reps until failure

Set 2: 3 rounds
Strength Circuit 1
Strength Circuit 1
Reps until failure

Set 3: 2 rounds
Strength Circuit 2
Effort: Vigorous
Strength Circuit 2
Reps until failure

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