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  • Chest Day
    Chest Day
    30 minutes, Intense
  • Ice Cream Melter
    Ice Cream Melter
    26 minutes, Moderate
  • Olympic "Circuit Challenge"
    Olympic "Circuit Challenge"
    32 mins 45 secs, Intense
  • The Great Wall
    The Great Wall
    25 minutes, Moderate
  • Dumbbell Muscle Blaster
    Dumbbell Muscle Blaster
    27 minutes, Moderate
  • Autumn Abs
    Autumn Abs
    34 mins 20 secs, Intense

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Core 2

Core 2

Moderate Ic_time_32x32 32 mins  
Core 4 (swissball)

Core 4 (swissball)

Moderate Ic_time_32x32 27 mins  
Core   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Stability Ball


Intense Ic_time_32x32 36 mins  
Core   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Stability Ball, Medicine Ball, Kettlebell
Swim Dryland 3

Swim Dryland 3

Intense Ic_time_32x32 26 mins  
Shoulders   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Medicine Ball, Pull Up Bar, Resistance Band, Dumbbell
Swim drylands MB1

Swim drylands MB1

Intense Ic_time_32x32 23 mins  
Shoulders   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Medicine Ball, Wall
Strength + bike 1 (3 sets)

Strength + bike 1 (3 sets)

Intense Ic_time_32x32 66 mins  
Legs   Ic_workout_dumbbell_32x32 Cardio Machine, Strength Machine, Dumbbell, Box or Step, Chair, Medicine Ball, Barbell

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