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It was quite a bit hard for me cause there were just 2 exercises in the whole workout. I wish the workout would be more diverse. Also I didn’t quite understand should I do the exercise named “power walk” fast or slowly. I tried the both ways. But it warms the blood! So it’s cool anyway!
Is this an HIIT workout?
Good workout for beginnner
Love love love this work out! I think that I will do it another week then kick it up to the interval walk/run...where you spend more time running!! Next year I'm doing that 5k!!!
This was great, I have asthma and I'm trying get back in to shape it is so hard,but this worked good
Woo! I survived and was able to move the next day. Excellent workout!
Ugh... Didn't realize I was so horribly out of shape. I completed and didn't die so... Uhhh...that's good. Lol hopefully this will get at least a little easier lol
Appena finita la prima volta che l'ho fatto :) Io odio correre, ma con sottofondo di musica e questo workout lo fai volentieri! Ti fa sentire realizzata ^-^
Good 1 I liked it
Get the blood pumping and the heartrate up #completed #30mins
I thought I could never run this workout is helping me run again!
Starters yesterday. Body itches. Feeli slight improvement in walking
it's quite simple, yet it does get the blood pumping. It was a fun experience.
This is a relatively simple exercise for beginners like myself. I would have liked to have more encouragement/enthusiasm from the trainer and more intense jogging but overall 4 out of 5, thanks!

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