Verified Trainers - Directory

Michael Lansdowne

Athletic Performance, Aerobics, Bodyweight

Husband & Father committed to motivating, empowering, and impacting the lives of my family, students, and community.

Danielle Robertson

Strengthen/Tone, Weight Loss, Women-focused

Personal trainer and NPC bikini competitor
South Carolina

Kwame Binta

Stay Fit/Lifestyle, Strengthen/Tone, Weight Loss

Working @ Defined Fitness, helping others become the best version of themselves, mind body spirit. Personal Fitness Coach since 2012.
Albuquerque New Mexico

Everyday Fitness

Bodyweight, Athletic Performance, Core Conditioning

Hello everyone! We, at Everyday Fitness, aim to help you reach your goals and beyond, one day at a time... Aim. Act. Achieve!
England, United Kingdom

Jessica Beisel

Bootcamp, Strength Training, Plyometrics

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
Midland Tx

Ingrid Floyd

Strengthen/Tone, Weight Loss, Women-focused

Certified Personal Trainer specializing in seniors and women; owner of We're Senior Fit; retired Air Force
Warner Robins Ga

Kimberly Feiler

Balance, Athletic Performance, Bodyweight

Always be the best example.
Riverside, CA

R. Michael Donald

Athletic Performance, Bodyweight, Core Conditioning

Fitness begins from the inside out! My goal is to help people adapt to a fit and healthy lifestyle!
Greenville, SC

Joel Uzamere

Corporate Fitness, Weight Loss, Senior Fitness

I have been helping people with their fitness goals for over a decade now. Trained and certified in the UK as a Master Trainer (GP Referral)
Lagos Nigeria

Marsha Clark

Weight Loss, HIIT/Interval, Diet/Nutrition

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer with AED/CPR certification, Belly Dance Cardio Fitness, Certified Nutritionist, Image Consultant.
East ATL

Darlene Adamusik

Strength Training, Bootcamp, Endurance Performance

Founder of BOD Blast with over 15 yrs of experience. Vegan Athlete. Bikini Competitor & more!
Long Beach, CA

Siphiwe Baleka

HIIT/Interval, Bodyweight, Triathlon Training

My passion is helping people achieve Optimal Health!
Springfield, Missouri

Silvie Hibdon

Yoga, Vinyasa, Stress Reduction/Relaxation

I'm so excited to be a part of your fitness journey! Questions? Message me. I'm here to help!
San Francisco, California

Jessie Swan

Bootcamp, Tabata, Strength Training

My main jive is bootcamps focused around the rowing/erg machine!

Matt Miller

Bodybuilding, Strengthen/Tone, Core Conditioning

Fitness is what I want to share with everyone ! Functional fitness .
Seattle WA and online

Simon Cowley

Bodyweight, Corporate Fitness, HIIT/Interval

Full time Engineer part time Fitness Instructor training friends and family for fun and exsperience!
Milton Keynes-England

Micah Greer

Strength Training, Athletic Performance, Core Conditioning

I want to motivate, encourage, and educate everyone to help them achieve their optimum level of quality of life.
Austin, Texas

Amanda Voll

Bodyweight, Lower Back Pain, HIIT/Interval

I am a gymnastics and parkour coach. I work with isometric and calisthenic movements to train functional fitness

Kyle Jordan

Strengthen/Tone, Strength Training, Bodyweight

ACE certified personal trainer.
Miami, FL

Rob Nelson

Sports Nutrition, Strength Training, HIIT/Interval

As an avid fitness enthusiast, I see my role as an educator, providing clients the shortest route to their goals.

Sabrina Black

Weight Loss, Women-focused, Strengthen/Tone

I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer working toward a certifications in weight management and health coaching.
Springfield, OR

Tif Sippel

Bodyweight, Strength Training, Bootcamp

If you a) have sweat glands b) like fun and c) want to find out how fitness can be awesome for you, you've come to the right place.
San Francisco, California

Kaye Obano

Aerobics, Bodybuilding, Athletic Performance

Technique is the key , keeping things simple

Enrique Rosario

Strengthen/Tone, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance

My creative workouts combine strength training, cardio conditioning and abdominal work for a complete fitness program.
New York

Sylvi Wonderfully Made 

Women-focused, Aerobics, Weight Loss

Wonderfully FITness Instructor I can show you better than I can tell you!
St. Louis