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My legs killed while doing it but glad I did it πŸ‘πŸΎ
This really helps strength your thighs, I did this for a school competition and I wall sat for 1 hour and 42 mins! My legs were sore for 2 days after lol
My leg burned after this challenge. It was a great feelingξ…Œ
I. Did. It! I can barely walk but since I sat on a normal chair I could feel my legs!
I'm going to try. I do dancing so I hope I can do it.
my legs feel surprisingli air light after doing it than before
i do havkey and hovkey we had a competition who can do the longest wall and i won with 11 min
The last few seconds were hard, but I did it 100 seconds. Thought I couldn't do it. But I did. Nice workout
I am a female that did 5 min. That was not intense.
I can do 4 minutes now!
I did 100 secs after an intense 8-minute thigh workout. I remember putting my hands on my thighs, feeling the shake of those desperately exhausted rock hard muscles and trying to distract myself)
I did 45 sec now
Not even 20 secs..but im working on it
I did it !!!100 sec. Now i can not walk hahaha oh my legs!
I did this after exercising, i thought i couldn't do it but i did it! ^-^
I stayed up the whole time
Quite surprising how hard this is. And go you at 78 :)
Nice peta k keep going I am going to try this today after I clean up my room lol :-)
Well if I can do 100secs, so can most or you [I am F. of 78 years old] could have pushed for

What do you think?

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