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Jan 3, 2015 8:03am
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Doing a weight training (body weight or weightlifting) and a yoga program at the same time is a great idea! This way you'll get a more versatile workout regimen and also stretching and muscle toning/lengthening exercises besides weight training. I do recommend learning the basics of yoga first though, because none of the yoga workouts that I've tried on this app tell you how to get in and out of poses, which is really important, and they move forward from pose to pose very quickly.

03 Jan
I thought I was the only one who did this xD I would suggest no stretching before working out( I believe it's bad.) Only warm up :p
03 Jan
I never stretch before working out either, except for doing the Yoga for runners stretch in the Daily Yoga app before running. Stretching cold muscles seems weird to me. I usually don't do weight training and yoga on the same day, I alternate between the programs.
03 Jan
I love doing yoga right after just my cardio days. I don't know it makes me feel so much better after. Also love doing it on my rest day.