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Jan 8, 2015 1:38pm
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I workout at my local gym(3 times a week) and I try to eat healthy as much as I can, sometimes I don't have time to eat...I really need to loose 40pounds before March4th...."Like i said, I workout at least 3 times a week, but lately I have been busy with work and in the studio...I really need some advice on how to stay focus and also what can I do to loose weight faster? I know it's only healthy to loose 2-3 pounds a week, but what are some workouts to achieve that? And is it ok to use diet pills? What would you recommend? Thanks in advance...:-)

08 Jan
What kind of workouts do you do? Do you incorporate cardio? Truthfully to lose weight you need to eat below your daily calorie maintenance intake and eat as healthy as you can. Cardio and strength training combined will definitely aid in your fat loss. As far as diet pills, they aid in the process but are not solely responsible for any weight loss. Try something natural, green tea extract, raspberry ketones far as workouts go there are many good ones in here for a quick and effective workout. Some under 20 min. Best of luck...
08 Jan
I'm sorry I missed one of your questions, to stay motivated set short term goals you can accomplish every week. For example, this week I plan to eat veggies with every meal and run a mile under 7 min..etc
08 Jan
Try to do this app onces a day. They have 10 minutes workout
09 Jan
I do a lot of cardio and I also take Zumba, and pound classes...I need to start doing the strength training...Thanks for the advice... :-)
09 Jan
@smileA- Thanks...
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Jan 9, 2015 2:56am
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Add plenty of Romaine Lettuce to your diet/meals! One of my nutritionist/personal trainer friends told me that romaine lettuce increases your body's calorie-burning and wow, was she on-point! When you workout, you should notice that you'll sweat more in the area you're working out...especially abs! Stay Motivated!!

09 Jan
Thanks...I will definitely be trying the romaine lettuce...
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Jan 9, 2015 4:09am
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40lbs is a hell of a lot of weight to lose by then so you're gonna have to do some serious  high intensity cardio/weights to keep your metabolism burning up in addition to eating healthy. 
I can go on all day about this coz I've done exactly the same thing over the last few months and I know how exhausting it will be so if you're serous you're gonna have to really focus & dig in.
As far as giving advice on what to do, I have some created workouts called "SPEED SHRED" which combine weights/cardio which you could try. 
You could also try googling the following 30 day shred programs:
Jim Stoppani shortcut to shred and;
Craig Capurso 30 day shred 
Both are intense 30 day programs that also provide meal plans. I've done them both and they are exhausting but if you stick to them you have a good chance of shedding serious weight by March. 
Most of all though, good luck!! I've followed you back and wanna see you hitting some serious workouts on here! 
09 Jan
Thank you so much!!! I will definitely be trying the workouts ("Speed Shred")..I will also be conbining weights/cardio whenever I workout...I already eat very healthy, my only problem lately is "Time"...But I know if I want to see results by March 4 I have to make time...Thanks again for the advice...:-)
09 Jan
You're very welcome. When I got started I found that planning my workout week was effective. I knew exactly WHEN I'd be working out and what I'd be doing. I made it as much of a part of my day as going to work. And again, good luck
10 Jan

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