Pull up workout?

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Feb 22, 2014 6:02am
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The only one I can find is pull up circuit. Are there any others on here?

22 Feb
Mate, just go to workouts. Hit the search ( magnifying glass thing), then enter ( blue return arrow on bottom of your keyboard. 14 pullups workouts come up, and several others which have pullups, mixed with dips, jumps, burpees. So yes, there are lots. Also try pull ups, ( spaced words, in case someone called their workouts that way), and chinups/ chin ups, as well.. all the BEST.
24 Feb
There r wide grip pull ups. Wode grip behind neck pull ups. Shoulders width pull ups nd close grip pull ups. Wide, close hands chin ups. Nd if u want to increase the difficulty , do pull ups holding ur legs at 90 degree
24 Feb
Thanks. I think I was putting a space and nothing was turning up. There are quite a few! Should keep me busy.