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My Programs

    Calisthenics 1.0
    Weight Loss 2
    Body Blast Bootcamp
    Beginner's Guide: Strong Core
    Beach Fit
    Scientific 7x7
    Abdominal Foundation I
    100 Crunch Challenge
    2-Week Total Beach Bod
    Beginner's Guide: Lower Body Strength
    Trim. Tight. Tough.
    Muscle Beach

My Workouts

  • Speed Training for Beginners (Strides)
    Speed Training for Beginners (Strides)
    28 mins 40 secs, Moderate
  • Kettlebell Upper Cuts
    Kettlebell Upper Cuts
    20 minutes, Intense
  • Plank Challenge
    Plank Challenge
    9 minutes, Moderate
  • I'm With The Band
    I'm With The Band
    15 mins 35 secs, Casual