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A Shakerciser workout to work your full body. Do max reps of each exercise. Required equipment: basic home gym equipment


Set 1: 1 round
Front Lunges
1 minute
Sumo Squats
1 minute
Reverse Lunges
1 minute
Plank Leg Lifts
1 minute
Donk Kick Right
1 minute
Donk Kick Left
1 minute
Fire Hydrant Rt.
1 minute
Fire Hydrant Lft.
1 minute
Hip Bridge
1 minute
Leg Extensions
1 minute
Inner Thigh Right
1 minute
Inner Thigh Left
1 minute
Outer Thigh Right
1 minute
Outer Thigh Left
1 minute
Hamstring Curls
1 minute
Quad Lifts
1 minute
Dead Lift
1 minute

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